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Commercial Solar PV

Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) Panels are part of our future the sooner you have Solar PV installed the sooner you start saving money by reducing energy bills. Become greener reduce carbon emission.

Future proof yourself against ever increasing energy bills

Turn daylight into power, once you have invested in Solar Photovoltaic Panels (Solar PV) you will become your own power station generating electricity to use within the business.

A large amount of businesses use electricity during sunlight hours generally from 08:00 – 17:00. Solar PV could be designed to generate the majority of the electricity demand. By looking at the amount of electricity usage each day, week or month from a business will determine the potential demand from the Solar PV Array.

Becomes your own power station of any size, start generating your own energy

Ground and roof mounted Solar PV Arrays Installed

Solar PV generates electricity from photons, sun radiation penetrates clouds. Some solar panels are designed to work in lowlight
conditions with thin cloud cover, others best work in direct sunlight. In the UK you would be recommended installing solar panels that can maximise the electricity from lowlight conditions. Some solar panels are designed for the weather conditions within the UK. All of the solar panels that Green Electrical Installations supply are suitable for lowlight conditions.

During direct sunlight, the solar array would generate the most electricity. When cloud appears, the amount of electricity generated will reduce. The thicker the cloud covering, the lower the electricity generation.

With snow clouds and thick storm clouds, you are unlikely to generate any electricity from solar panels. Every solar PV array has an average generation of electricity, based on the size of the installation from the combination of direct sunshine or during daylight hours throughout the year.

Help Combat Climate Change

Most commercial installations depending on size, would need an application to the local DNO (District Network Operator).

Here is a simple guide,

  • Single phase 3.6kWp can be installed. Most installations are 4kWp restricted to 3.6kWp by the inverter.
  • Twin phase 8kWp can be installed
  • Three phase 11kWp can be installed

Larger solar PV arrays that are bigger than the general guidelines above, would need to process a DNO request, to check the maximum or desired solar array that could be installed. Green Electrical Installations would process the DNO request for all customers. To install a bigger solar array requires investigation into the local nearby transformer size and line capacity availability. Electricity cables were never designed to have electricity travelling back down the lines. This is limited by the local DNO as this could trip the substation and create power cuts. Some places in the UK, especially across the south coast, have reached the limit of capacity. Therefore no more installations of solar PV can be installed in some areas. 

The UK is upgrading the cable network to allow more installations of solar PV.

Transformers can be upgraded, allowing you to increase the size of a solar PV array to meet demand.

Ground mounted solar PV arrays will need planning permission. Green Electrical Installations can help process planning

Green Electrical Installations would welcome the opportunity of quoting for any size commercial job

It’s worthwhile investigating the possibility of installing a Solar PV Array in any location. This would help generate electricity making the business become more sustainable, greener, and reducing carbon emissions.

If you would like to investigate the benefits and potential of installing solar panels contact Green Electrical Installations for more information.

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