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Green Electrical Installations Domestic Solar PV

PV has technology developed a great deal over the last 10 year since boom from 2010 – 2016 when the Feed in Tariff was in place to encourage the take up of Solar Panels. The maximum output (Wattage) of solar panels has increased from an average solar panel being 180kWp to 190kWp. A 4kW solar array would need 20 to 21 panels so the roof size needed to be large to accommodate so many solar panels. Jump a decade forwards the average size of solar panels are now 330kWp to 360kWp so now you only need space for a 12 solar panel array to achieve a 4kW Solar array.

Green Electrical Installations would advise that you maximise the roof space you have sometimes exceeding the standard 4kW system. The bigger the solar array the more electricity you generate helping homeowners to deal with the ever-increasing demand for electricity especially as more homeowners start installing electric heating and drive electric cars. A simple DNO request would need submitting to request permission or give
notification of a larger solar array that Green Electrical Installations would process on your behalf. Green Electrical Installations can help and give advice.

It’s worthwhile visiting the Energy Saving Trust Website visit solar PV page to see how much you could save.

Being realistic it would take between 9 to 11 years for the solar PV array to pay back the initial investment without taking into consideration any other benefits.

Other benefits you could also receive

1. Divert all unused electricity to the hot water heater with MyEnergi Eddi find out more by contacting Green Electrical Installations. There are a number of devices that can be installed this will help reduce energy bills for heating hot water.

2. Battery storage system could be installed. You would then charge the batteries during the day from the Solar PV array to be used at other times during higher demand, outside peak generation or night time. There are a large number of battery storage systems on the market this can become confusing for most. Green Electrical Installations sell a number of high quality battery storage systems to suit budget and capacity. Important that you invest in at least 8kW battery storage. Batteries are life style choices more than an investment do not expect a fast return on investment from a battery storage system. Always check the number of cycles on a battery the more the better…

3. During spring and summer a solar array could produce enough electricity to run a heat pump to heat hot water. During the winter the heat pump demand could never be met by the solar array because of the sun sitting low and less daylight. Most homes are generally heated when the sun is down. The heat pump will mostly be in demand during low or no sun so the solar panel will not run a heat pump during peak demand.

A Solar PV array will help increase the efficiency of any home improving the EPC reducing energy bills and carbon footprint. It is beneficial installing a solar PV array if it’s feasible.

Generating your own electricity from solar panels will create some independence if the solar PV works alongside a good sized battery storage system you could start heading towards even more independence.

Some battery storage systems connect with energy providers that offer cheap rate electric to charge the battery during the evening.

A few battery storage systems allow you to trade electric buy and sell buying cheaper electric and selling unused electric creating a new income stream.

Start Reducing Energy Bills and Carbon Emissions by Installing Solar PV

Green Electrical Installations sell and install quality equipment and components only

Green Electrical Installations would welcome the opportunity to help you create a more sustainable home of the future.

More and more people are taking responsibility of their carbon footprint
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