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Domestic EV Charging Points

Most homes across the UK are on a single phase electricity supply average of 80 to 100 Amps.

What is single phase?

Single phase is simply one live cable supply to the property.

Can a car be charged from a standard three pin plug socket?

YES,  But there is a downside to using this method. The upside is you are not paying out for bespoke wall mounted EV car charging point. Most car dealerships offer you an EV car charging point if you are buying a new electric car most dealerships will offer to install a home charging point. Check what grants are available at the time of the changing from a fossil fuel driven car or van to an electric one.

Downside of Single Phase

If you are planning to charge an electric car from a standard three pin plug be aware if that this will cost more and take much longer to charge. A single phase EV car charge on a three pin plug could take more than 20-24 hours.

You are advised to invest in wall mounted EV car charging point. Single phase car charging points on a wall or a post by investing in a quality EV car charging point you will be able to reduce the cost of charging the electric car or van. The average charging time from a quality car charging point that has been installed correctly could cut the time by half compared to a standard three pin plug.

The average charging time would be from 8-12 hours on average depending on the make and model. The general advise would be invest in installing a quality EV car charging point as this will save you money long term. 

Commercial EV Charging Points

Three phase Fast charging EV car charging points. You will mostly find fast charging EV points in service stations, supermarkets, shopping areas and hotels basically places where the demand for electric is far great than standard homes.

You will also find three phase supplies going to some larger houses and farms. A three phase supply is three live cables going to the property giving a much higher Amps being supplied so a fast charging EV point can be installed. This will also cost less to charge because its quicker.

Charging from a fast EV car charging point you should be able to complete the charge within 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the make and model.

Its worthwhile thinking about switching to renewable energy provider that could offer an off peck rate so you can reduce the cost of charging overnight. The average cost of a kWh is around 16-17p the off peck tariff could reduce this as low as 6-7p.

What is ZAPPI?

Introduction in Smarter Charging

You can charge your electric car in different ways. Charging at home is the most common method, whether or not accelerated you can comfortably charge in the period that you do not use the car. Electric charging of course is even more economical if you have solar panels or a wind turbine. With normal chargers you cannot choose how much use is made of your own electricity production. And that is what the smart ZAPPI charger distinguishes itself in. The ZAPPI charges environmentally conscious and greener by applying as much as possible of its own consumption and pulling out of the grid as little as possible. This way you will be driving cheaper and cleaner.

Now you can decide for yourself how fast your car needs to be recharged, with the ZAPPI charger you can make maximum use of your own electricity production. You choose from three different programs.

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  1. Fully charged without using the net in ECO + mode, where charging is paused if the own production is just too low (for example in clouds). Choose the percentage of minimum green loading yourself.

  2. Loading in smart mode with as much use of own energy as possible, the ECO mode. As soon as the own production is too low, the grid is recharged. Never load below 1.4kW.

  3. Fast charging like with any other charger, at maximum power. There is also being recharged from the grid if there is too little in-house production. The maximum capacity is 7kW, this depends on your car and your connection (16A or 32A).

ZAPPI is also a real smart charger, on several fronts: